Unique blockchain ecosystem which will forever
change the way of investing in real estates

2 years
on market
$1400000+ total
500K+ tokkens
70% annual
turnover growth

US$ 0.772
max CAP 23 000 000 $
Tokkens sold 1400000 units

Tokkens consists of the following units / segments

Tokkens Chain
Decentralised blockchain technology regulated by smart tokens
  • Portfolio creation
  • Issuance of tokkens
  • Smart contracts set up
  • Sales regulation
  • Tokken validation
Tokkens xChange
Tokkens distribution system and secondary exchange regulated by smart tokens
  • Open Tokkens distribution
  • Transparent Price Book
  • Centralised Marketplace
  • Guest list management
  • Sales and tokken redemption module
Tokkens Wallet
E-wallet for your Tokkens
  • Price of FIATS into Tokkens and visa versa
  • Exchange, transfer & sale of Tokkens
  • Interface for Tokkens sales on the secondary market
  • Securely store Tokkens
  • Hot & Cold Wallets

Real-time Tokkens ecosystem

Backed by
Real Estates
18 002 573$turnover
104 Realtors
968 Listing Agents
sold 831 693 TOK
Smart Tokkens
External Transactions
External Transactions
Investors – Investors can buy Tokkens using cryptocurrencies, TOK tokkens or fiat money. Even buying Tokkens in the secondary market, visitors can be sure that the Tokken is unique. Tokkens can’t be faked, the entire blockchain history (from the time of issuing, all resales, tokkens status valid or not) is absolutely transparent for all the investors.
Tokkens Cloud – The project goal is to connect realtors and buyers, and create dynamic pricing algorithms like in other markets.
Tokkens Chain – The system to create asset chain in the blockchain network. The smart contract contains rules for the particular set of assets. Every agent can connect to asset chain.
Tokkens Wallet – Investors can see in the mobile app or website about the full information about Tokkens price, supply and demand. Also they will be able to sell, buy and receive Tokkens.
We guarantee stability of TOK prices
Fully transparent for Investors
You invest in a steadily growing Realestate backed ecosystem

What you'll get

At the moment, the real estate market is dealing with numerous problems, such as speculations and scalping on the secondary market, fraud and falsification, incomplete sales and a lack of a consolidated tool for return.
Tokkens Cloud

Until recently, investing in large commercial real estates was not available to the private investors, which is why we decided to open a new page in the history of collective real estate investment project.

Tokkens Blockchain

Tokkens Blockchain is maintained by a large network of investors and participants, no one actor can easily gain enough influence to make a fraudulent transaction or successfully alter recorded data. Users can trust that transactions will be executed as the protocol commands removing the need for a trusted third party.

Changes to Tokkens blockchain is publicly viewable by all parties creating transparency, and all transactions are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted or recovered.

Tokkens Blockchain

Our Blockchain Module allows real time transfer of tokkens to give the user the ability to spend their assets in real time anywhere in the world.

Tokken Wallets

Tokkens is securely stored in a wallet on your computer, tablet, phone or laptop. Download yours and start sending and receiving Tokkens with an address and a click.

Tokkens Desktop
Tokkens-QT is the core protocol, built and maintained by Tokkens developers.
Download Windows Wallet
Tokkens Android
Android wallet allows you to manage your Tokkens without carrying a fullsized blockchain on your mobile phone.
Download Android Wallet
Tokkens iOS
Fully secured iOS wallet allows you to manage your Tokkens without carrying a fullsized blockchain on your mobile phone.
Download iOS Wallet

Tokkens Mobile Wallet

How to get started with Tokkens.

Setting up a Tokkens wallet is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Seriously! Check out our Getting Started guide below.

1. Download The Wallet

Click your OS version below to download Tokkens Wallet.

2. Install The Wallet

Go through the installation process. Once you are finished with the installation, find the Tokkens shortcut and open it.

3. Use Your Wallet!

On launch, your wallet will show a loading bar. You will have to wait 1 - 5 minutes for the wallet to synchronize with Tokkens server.

After it is synchronized with the network, you are now able to use your Tokkens wallet!

Congrats! You have just finished setting up your Tokkens wallet!

Tokkens Asset Allocation

Growth Fund
TOK 20.000.000
70% Investors
10% Promoters
3% Developers
1% Advisors
14% Growth Fund
2% Bounty

Our Team

Boris Gorbunov
Chief Executive Officer
Ian Woronoff
Chief Technology Officer
Arkady Abramov
Chief Financial Officer
Vadim Denisov
Chief Advisor

Buy Tokkens

After the purchase the we will sends the Tokkens to your unique personal tokkens wallet

Tokkens Q&A

You should sign-up on the sign-up page and buy TKT tokens via BTC, LTC, ETC or ETH.
Unfortunately US citizens are not allowed to participate in the tokken sale due to the country’s laws.
You can read about the use-cases in our white paper.
Yes. However, you need to mention your TOK wallet account details while purchasing.
We are listed with CryptoEX.ME.
TOK uses a unique blockchain system which allows users to store, send and receive tokkens to other users within the network. Token holders can easily store and manage their TOK tokens using Android, Windows and Linux wallets.

Invest in the new era of Tokken Revolution